A Guide to Embrace Hope
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome to this journey of embracing hope

Find a comfortable position, allowing yourself to settle into a state of ease. 

Take a few deep breaths and invite a sense of openness and receptivity into your being.

Begin by allowing yourself to fully experience the now. Notice your body’s sensations and observe them with gentle curiosity and non-judgment.

Let the light of faith guide you as you feel centered in the moment. Reflect on the nature of faith. 

Faith brings hope. Consider those moments in your life when faith brought you hope. This could be in nature, your parents, God, or something else. Faith never travels alone. 

Note that faith is the seed for a tree that brings us fruits of hope, the shade of courage, roots of trust, and the air of resilience.

With each breath, imagine yourself nurturing this seed of faith as it grows. Notice the radiance in your spirit and mind.

Let this radiance and energy flow into every cell of your body. 

As you continue to breathe deeply, affirm to yourself: “I am one with the universe; I am nurturing the seed of faith.”

May embracing hope fill you with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. 

May it inspire you to navigate life’s challenges gracefully and share them with people around you.

Gently open your eyes and express gratitude to the new you shining in the light of faith, hope, and trust.

With love and gratitude