Truthfulness, Wakefulness, Mindfulness: A Trifecta for Growth

Hey there! Today, we’re diving into three key ingredients for personal growth: truthfulness, wakefulness, and mindfulness. Think of them as the ultimate trio that can help you level up in life. So, let’s break them down and see how they can make a real difference. Truthfulness First up, truthfulness. It sounds pretty straightforward, right? Just […]

Living intentionally: Living more in every moment

Living Intentionally is a lifestyle that one can choose for themselves to enhance one’s quality of life and live life to its full potential. We as humans collectively choose our own lifestyles so why not choose a lifestyle that enables us to enjoy life in its full capacity and be the best version of ourselves? […]

How does meditation help in the quality of sleep?

In our fast-paced, stress-laden world, achieving a good night’s sleep can be elusive for many. Various methods have been explored to improve sleep quality, and among them, meditation has emerged as a significant practice. This essay delves into how meditation contributes to enhancing the quality of sleep, addressing both the physiological and psychological mechanisms involved. […]

Anxiety loop: how it affects your sleep

How many of you have felt your heart beating faster before your exam or restlessness before receiving any result? This feeling of deep uneasiness, fear or dread is called anxiety. Anxiety, a common and often misunderstood psychological phenomenon, manifests as feelings of worry, nervousness, or unease about a situation with uncertain outcomes. While it is […]

Practicing Mindfulness using Eastern Techniques

Mindfulness, a term we use today for awareness, has its roots in Buddhism 2,500 years ago. Specifically, it is a translation of the Pali word “sati,” which means “awareness” or “moment-to-moment awareness of present events.” Buddhism was founded around the fifth century BCE by Siddhārtha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha. In Buddhist practice, mindfulness […]

Self-Discovery, Awareness, and Truth

Stop today in front of the mirror for 5 minutes, look into your eyes and ask yourself the following question: “Who am I?” Does this question sound familiar? Probably not. Now ask yourself this question: “Who are you?” You have probably been asked this question in many interviews and have had the same response each […]

From Isolation to Hope: Building Bridges of Connection

Isolation often forms when we are misunderstood and not accepted for who we are. This lack of understanding and respect leads us to build walls around ourselves to keep out those who don’t value us. Over time, these walls grow higher, confining us and preventing even those who understand us from entering. This self-imposed isolation […]

Belonging in a Noisy World: Finding Solace Within

Ever feel like you’re searching for a missing puzzle piece? You look high and low, convinced it’s out there somewhere. That’s what finding a sense of belonging can feel like sometimes. We search for it in friends, family, careers, and possessions. But what if I told you that the piece you’re desperately searching for is […]

Mindful Living: A Journey to a Fulfilled Life

Love is a complex feeling, and it can be directed toward anything. Love can be felt for a person, an animal or even an object. In my case, love is directed toward a situation, my state of being. That state of being is now.  I love being fully aware of my present situation and living […]

Meditation Could Be the Gateway to a Peaceful Life

How many of you have watched animated cartoons? For all the Doraemon lovers, the Anywhere Door is very nostalgic. In this particular cartoon, a robot named Doraemon had an anywhere door, which would take him to any place on this earth or even outside it.  If I had the opportunity to vanish to another place, […]