Contemplating Your Perception
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, dear friend!

Take a moment to settle into a position of comfort and ease. Allow your body to sink into relaxation and your mind to find a peaceful stillness. 

Close your eyes gently and take a few deep breaths, like inhaling the fragrance of a rose.

Now, turn your attention inward and contemplate your perception—the lens through which you experience the world around you. 

As you turn your attention inward, consider how your past experiences, beliefs, and emotions might be shaping your perception of reality. Can you notice any recurring patterns or biases that could be influencing your interpretation of events?

With a sense of curiosity and openness, explore the nature of your perception. Observe the kind of sensations that arise from your perception.

Can you see a pattern of more negative sensations as your senses come in contact with your Consciousness?

Are they more negative or positive?

Do you cling to all the sensations and react without a need?

Take a few moments to contemplate.


As you continue to contemplate your perception, allow yourself to adopt a stance of non-judgmental observation. Simply witness the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise within you without attaching any labels or significance to them.

With each breath, invite a sense of compassion and clarity into your mind.

Now, imagine yourself seeing a visual that does not please you. Perhaps a conversation you did not

wish to have or people suffering in the world. As you observe this visual, immediately, a sensation arises. 

This may be a sensation of anger, hate, or love. Meet this sensation with a gentle smile and say, “Ah, there’s a negative sensation.” Acknowledging this will make you a non-judgmental witness of the sensation.

Notice the role of your perception here. Together with your Consciousness, it gave rise to a sensation.

This awareness of your perception is the first step to repurposing your perception.

As you conclude this practice, reflect on how your perception shapes your reality and influences your interactions with the world.

As we conclude this practice, gently open your eyes and let the awareness process in your mind.

In another practice, we will learn to repurpose your perception.

May you be calm and peaceful.

With love and gratitude!