Embracing Thankfulness
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Hello, Mindful Souls

Let’s begin this beautiful practice with a gentle smile as joy flows from within to our faces. Take a moment to let yourself be embraced in the beauty of the universe. 

I’d suggest to begin your day with this practice if you can.

Begin by finding a comfortable position, settling into it like a warm embrace. Close your eyes gently and let the outside world fade away as you turn your focus inward.

Take a deep breath in, and imagine you are inhaling the gifts of nature and all the love from people in your life. As you exhale, release the worries and impurities from the mind. Notice if you feel tension or stiffness in your back. With the next inhale, imagine breathing the freshness of the flowers and letting them travel to your back and the rest of your body.

Continue inhaling and exhaling like this for a few moments until you feel as fresh as the morning leaves and as gentle as a flower in your mind and body.

Now, visualize your heart as a radiant sun glowing with the warmth of gratitude. Feel its life-nurturing rays spreading outwards, bathing your entire being in its soothing light.

Think of a time when you felt deeply thankful, as the whole universe was focused on your well-being. Perhaps it was a moment of unexpected kindness, a hand when you were feeling vulnerable, or the simple beauty of nature unfolding before you. 

Whatever it may be, let that memory wash over you like a gentle wave, filling you with a sense of profound gratitude.

Now, take a moment to reflect on the blessings in your life, like stars twinkling in the night sky. Each one is a beacon of light, guiding you on your journey and reminding you of the abundance that surrounds you.

With each breath, offer silent thanks for these blessings, allowing your heart to swell with gratitude. Let your gratitude grow and flourish like a garden in bloom, filling your life with beauty and joy.

Repeat silently to yourself: ‘Thank you for all the blessings in my life. Thank you for the love, compassion, and strength from nature and the people that surround me. Thank you for the gift of this moment.’

As we come to an end to this practice, remember to keep this glow of love and compassion in your heart at all times, even when hope doesn’t seem as bright.

Thank you for joining me in this practice of embracing gratitude. 

May your heart be filled with thankfulness, now and always.

With love and gratitude!