Letting Go of Guilt
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome Seekers!

Let us begin to practice releasing the heavy burden of guilt and embracing the lightness of forgiveness. 

Find a comfortable position, allowing your body to relax and your breath to become steady and calm. Take a moment to settle into the present moment, observing all the sensations that arise.

You do not have to react to any of those sensations.

Begin by bringing your awareness to any feelings of guilt that may be weighing on your heart. Notice where these feelings manifest in your body—perhaps as a tightening in the chest or a heaviness in the stomach. Take a few deep breaths, inviting a sense of spaciousness and compassion into these areas.

Next, reflect on the nature of guilt and its impact on your mind and body. 

Acknowledge that holding onto guilt only serves to perpetuate suffering and prevent healing. Recognize that you are not defined by your past actions and that you have the power to release yourself from the grip of guilt.

Note that none of the sensations or emotions have any power if they do not come in contact with your Consciousness.

Realizing that, inhale and imagine breathing in a sense of acceptance and self-love. 

With each exhale, visualize releasing the weight of guilt and shame, allowing it to dissolve into the space around you like the river dissolving into the ocean. 

Notice you’re beginning to feel light every time you release the guilt of the past and embrace the aliveness of the present.

As you continue this practice, offer yourself forgiveness and compassion for karma’s of the past. 

Remember that acknowledging our actions and seeking forgiveness eases up the impact of karma. Seek forgiveness and embrace the new you, a more kind and worthy of love.

May you flourish and grow as a compassionate being.

With love and gratitude!