Meditation for Deep Sleep
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, seekers!

Let’s begin the practice of deep sleep by laying comfortably in your bed and lying on your back with your arms resting gently at your sides. Close your eyes and take a few gentle, shallow breaths, allowing your body to relax with each exhale.

As you settle into bed, begin to detach your awareness from the sense organs. Gently shrinking to the mind only. Notice any tension or discomfort in releasing from the body with each exhale. 

Let your Consciousness be in contact with just the mind and nothing else. With each exhale, let every thought dissolve like your breath dissolving in the air around you.

Try not to notice anything; gently let there be stillness. 

Let your breathing get shallower, as light and as comfortable as possible [Tone becoming lighter]

The sensations in the mind are also becoming powerless as we detach Consciousness from the mind. Your sense organs have slept already except for the sound as you listen to the practice.

Now, gently, with a few more exhales, let the Consciousness detach from sound as well.

Breathe as normal. You’re ready to sleep.

May you sleep like a child?

Love & gratitude.