Observing the taste senses
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome Meditators!

Close your eyes gently and find a comfortable seated position, allowing your body to relax into the support beneath you.

Inhale the aromas around you and let them travel through your body before you exhale.

Now, bring your awareness to your mouth, noticing any sensations or movements that arise there. Take a moment to observe the feeling of your lips touching, the subtle movements of your tongue, and any lingering tastes from previous moments.

As you become present to the sensations in your mouth, take a small sip of water or a bite of food if you have it nearby. Notice the texture, temperature, and weight of the substance as it enters your mouth. Allow yourself to fully experience the taste as it unfolds on your tongue.

Bring a sense of curiosity and openness to the experience with each bite or sip. Notice how the taste changes and evolves with each moment, revealing layers of flavor and complexity.

Also, notice that while we are immersed in the taste sense, all other senses are also passively engaged: the vision of the food, the smell, and hearing while we chew the food. This is one of the most incredible experiences to engage with all senses in one activity.

If your mind starts to wander, gently guide your attention back to the taste in your mouth. Notice how all the senses, including the mind, make this immersive experience possible.

With each breath and taste, allow yourself to sink deeper into the richness of the present moment. Embrace the sensations with an open heart and a curious mind, knowing that in this simple act of tasting, you are fully alive and connected to the mind and the body in the present moment.

May all your senses make your life peaceful.

With love and gratitude