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The story of ACEL?

Driven by our purpose, we envision reaching a billion lives affected by loneliness and its associated mental health challenges. We believe every individual deserves compassion, love, and a fulfilling life. To achieve this, we're combining genuine human care with innovative technology, a strategy that requires a dedicated team of trained professionals to provide personalized support

Personal Loneliness

The ache of not meeting our need for social contact and relationship

Social Loneliness

Feeling misunderstood, different, or disconnected from your community.

Existential Loneliness

A profound questioning of your purpose and place in the world.

Welcome to the Mindful
Global aid network

Loneliness is a global issue that affects hundreds of millions of people, and we believe that it’s a problem that requires collective efforts to solve. We invite organizations, non-profits, and communities to join hands with us in the fight against loneliness.

Meet The Host

I am a social entrepreneur, meditator, and teacher. Teaching is my gift, which I use to help people foster meaningful connection with self and the world. I am also the founder of Antaha LLC, an organization driven by the purpose of ending loneliness globally. My own struggle with loneliness and depression led me to live in an Indian monastery located on the His Holiness Dalai Lama’s compound in India. This experience gave my life new meaning and inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others end loneliness globally. I teach Mindfulness, Raja Yoga and other forms of meditation to help people find a sense of belonging with themselves and others.

Becoming a Wholistic Therapist: A Transformative Learning Journey

The "Becoming a Wholistic Therapist" program is a comprehensive 12-week journey designed to equip aspiring psychologists with the skills and knowledge to integrate personalized well-being practices into their therapeutic approach.

Foundation of Psychotherapy (Weeks 1-4):

Exploring Meditation and Mindfulness (Weeks 5-8):

Integrating Psychology and Meditation (Weeks 9-12):

A podcast dedicated to nurturing meaningful connections.

In each episode, I sit down with compassionate souls from all walks of life worldwide to dive into the complexities of loneliness, exchange ideas, and collaborate to make an impact on lives around the world.

Loneliness is an epidemic, and its impact is visible across communities, businesses, and all walks of life. I believe that whether you’re a billionaire or a student, we all have a moral responsibility to contribute to solving this crisis. That is my objective when choosing my guests: to feature those who can contribute to our mission of ending loneliness.

Whether you’re struggling with loneliness yourself, seeking hope, or exploring yourself, this podcast is for you.


Sitender’s profile- Video

Founder, Meditation Teacher & A Former Monk

By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped to offer a truly holistic approach to therapy, integrating the best of both worlds – traditional psychotherapy and the transformative power of meditation.

Benefits: Empowering Your Path as a Wholistic Therapist

The “Becoming a Wholistic Therapist” program is the culmination of years of experience and insights gained from working with thousands of users and psychologists. Our ambitious mission to deliver personalized well-being experiences has led us to create a unique approach that goes beyond traditional training.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of meditation, not just for our clients but also for our practitioners. Our authentic approach to wellbeing allows our therapists to experience the profound benefits of meditation firsthand, enriching their own lives while deepening their empathy and understanding of their clients’ needs.

By embracing this approach, our therapists naturally embody authenticity and genuine care, which clients readily perceive. This creates a powerful therapeutic alliance that fuels lasting transformation.

Graduating from this program unlocks a world of possibilities

While the benefits extend far beyond what we can list here, we invite you to experience the transformative power of this program for yourself. Join us on this journey to become a truly wholistic therapist, equipped to empower others to achieve lasting well-being.

If you feel you can contribute to our mission, I’d love to have a hearty discussion with you.

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