Practice Watchfulness
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Begin by sitting on a chair or the floor if you can be in nature.

Practice gentle breathing for a few seconds. (Pause)

As you connect with the breath in the moment, gently look at the nature around you.

Take a shallow breath and exhale with compassion for nature. Inhale the love nature has gifted you. 

As you continue to breathe, expand your awareness to include your surroundings—the sounds, sensations, and smells around you. 

Notice the play of light and shadow, the gentle rustle of leaves, the distant hum of birds. Allow each sensation to arise and pass away without clinging or aversion like birds flying past you.

Now, gently turn your attention inward, observing the sensations arising and passing without reacting. 

Just gaze

Imagine yourself watching an opera, just sitting absorbed and not reacting at all.

As you practice watchfulness, remember that you are the silent witness the observer of all that arises within. 

With each breath, with each moment of mindful awareness, deepen your connection to the present moment. Embrace the fullness of life as it unfolds before you, knowing that true freedom lies in the ability to observe without attachment or reaction.

As you bring this practice to a close, take a moment to welcome the practice of watchfulness in your life. Try to imbibe this practice in your daily life and note the Changes.

May you experience the calm within your mind.

With love and gratitude!