Practicing Silence
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome Seekers!

Find a quiet space, preferably in the nature or a garden. 

You may sit on a chair or bench; if you prefer to sit on the ground, that is also fine.

With a deep inhale, let this fresh air splash into your body. With a surge of energy, let it reach every organ of your body and drive out stiffness and tension from it with an exhale.

Begin by bringing your awareness of your surroundings. Notice the sounds, smell, and touch of the air on your skin. Notice all the various sensations arising in your body and the mind. 

As you continue to breathe deeply and consciously, let the thoughts fly out with each exhale, just like the blue color in the ocean. Let every breath out be a carrier of the thoughts. Let all the sensations arise and fall like a tide in the ocean.

Notice the mind becoming quieter with each exhale; even though there are sensations, they are quieter. There is a silence in your mind that gently turns into stillness.

Now, Embrace this stillness in your mind and body without judgments, cravings, or reactions. You’re gently becoming one with the surroundings. There is no separate view of self.

There is no difference between you and the surroundings. You’re still one with it.

Allow yourself to be in this moment, stay watchful, and let yourself float in the now.

With each breath and moment of stillness, allow yourself to sink deeper into the silence surrounding you. 

Know that within this sacred space, you are free to explore the depths of your being and connect with infinite wisdom.

May this practice of embracing silence bring you a sense of peace, clarity, and profound inner wisdom

Stay here for as long as the moment lasts.

With love and gratitude.