Starting Your Day with Radiant Joy
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Good Morning, Dear Friend,

It’s a beautiful day, and what else can be better than living all of it? I am sure you’d like that!

Alright, let’s begin with a few breathing cycles and hold your morning coffee or juice. You can choose to stand on the balcony or sit quietly in the garden.

Don’t worry if quietness isn’t the luxury available at this moment. You’re still going to radiate good vibes.

Look at the sun rising on the horizon, blessing us with life again. It never forgets.

Don’t let your mind reach to work or your class yet. Let it be in unity with your body. Take a moment to express deep gratitude for waking up healthy, which is another opportunity to do good and receive good.

Your good karma has brought you this health, even if the body doesn’t feel as good; today, you’re preparing It for some extra love from the universe, Dear friend.

With the next breath in, inhale the strength from nature; let it strengthen your mind and body. The strength to forgive yourself for anything you may be holding on to and forgive others who may have brought you pain. 

Let karma do its thing. You stay kind to yourself.

Scan your body for heavy thoughts and emotions for the next few moments. Let everything that doesn’t belong in there go.

All of it!

Starting to feel a little lighter already?

Alright, Now let’s collect some vital energy for the day. Continue to breathe in the energy from the sun, the air, and nature, and say this to yourself: “Today is another birth; I have forgiven everyone; today is the day I do more good deeds; today is the day I will heal, Today is the day I will be a bit wiser and today is the day I will live consciously accounting every moment of it.”

Let’s freeze that pledge and an intent for the day. 

You’re ready to fly! Remember, you’re a Karma Yogi. You’ll do great deeds and receive greatness.

You’re set for the day. 

May you live every moment of your life!

With love and gratitude!