Where Do Sensations Come From?
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, seekers!

To begin, Find a comfortable sitting position. Let your body be relaxed and mind be calm as we begin to observe the arising of sensations.

Inhale gently and let your mind be open to the universal energy around you. As you exhale, follow the breath as it leaves your body.

Begin by bringing your awareness to your sense organs, perhaps the smell. 

Recall any smell that you vividly remember. Perhaps your morning coffee or raindrops on the soil. 

Notice that this fragrance travels from your nostrils to your brain and comes in contact with your Consciousness.

Consciousness makes every sense alive. Follow the sense as it meets your perception as the next step.

Next, reflect on the nature of perception and its role in shaping our sensory experiences. Consider how the mind interprets incoming sensory data, assigning value and meaning to each sensation based on past conditioning and learned beliefs.

With this pleasant value, the sense moves on to the third step, where a pleasant sensation arises. 

That’s the arising of sensation. It’s worth noticing that every sensation craves an action regardless of its nature.

Bring your awareness back to the arising of this pleasant sensation leading to the fourth and final step of the reaction. You may react with a pleasant smile on your face and a flow of positive vibrations in your body.

Now, with a fresh breath, replay this process of senses to react and how your Consciousness and perception manifest a sensation.

As you delve deeper into the origins of sensations, contemplate the intricate dance between the senses, the mind, and the body. Recognize that sensations are not isolated events but rather interconnected phenomena that emerge from the complex role of our sensory perceptions.

As you continue this practice, reflect on the impermanent nature of sensations, acknowledging that they arise and pass away like waves in the ocean. Embrace each sensation with mindfulness and compassion, knowing that they are fleeting manifestations of the phenomena of the mind.

You may open your eyes gently and realize how immediately your visual senses give rise to a new sensation. 

May you have calm and pleasant sensations.

With love and gratitude!