Why do we close our eyes during meditating
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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In meditation, the ultimate goal is to disconnect from our senses and form a one-pointed inward connection. Our senses, coming in contact with our Consciousness, may cause a distraction and disruption to our practice. Among these senses, our eyes hold a particular strength, painting vivid pictures of the external world and straying our attention away from meditation.

By closing our eyes, we initiate a deliberate act of detachment, shutting out the visual distractions that threaten to pull us away from kata, which is a one-pointed view of our inner self. Closing our eyes during meditation helps block out distractions, letting us focus on our chosen anchor, like a calming word or our breath. It’s not just closing our eyes; it’s a process of turning inward, away from the outside world, to find the essence of meditation.

I hope that little description brings clarity to the question!