A Journey of Mindful Awareness
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, Dear Meditators,

This practice helps to guide our awareness to come home to the here and now like a bird settling in its nest

after a long day.

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position and allow your body to let go of any stiffness and tension. With a gentle inhale of fresh air, let your mind also get a flow of life. Release any impurities in your mind. 

Close your eyes softly if that feels comfortable, or soften your gaze and let your awareness settle inward.

Take a few moments to tune into your breath, notice the sensation of each inhale and exhale as it moves through your body. Let your breath be your anchor, grounding you in the present moment and inviting you to let go of any distractions or concerns.

Now, bring your attention to your body, noticing any sensations that arise. Maybe you feel your chest’s gentle rise and fall with each breath or the subtle tingling of energy flowing through your limbs. 

Whatever sensations you notice, observe them with a sense of curiosity and acceptance, allowing them to be as they are.

Now, expand your awareness to include the soundscape around you. Notice the gentle hum of background noise, the chirping of birds outside, or the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Let each sound wash over you like a wave, immersing you in the symphony of the present moment.

As you continue to breathe and observe, bring your awareness to your thoughts and emotions, noticing the flow of your inner being. 

As we bring this practice to a close, note that your breath is the most powerful anchor to the stray nature of the mind.

May you live in awareness!

With love and gratitude!