Cultivating Self-Compassion Meditation
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome Dear Souls,

This practice today is very powerful as it reignites kindness and strength within to lead our lives with ease. 

If you can, reserve a quiet room only for meditation and moments of solitude. Having the fragrance of fresh flowers will uplift the whole experience magically.

Now, Let’s begin by finding a comfortable spot to sit quietly. You may choose a posture that feels comfortable. I Rest your back against the wall if you feel the need for it.

Now, softly close and take a few deep breaths. Allow each inhale to fill you with peace and each exhale to release the worries of tomorrow. Let yourself float in this moment.


Take as long as you need to soothe your mind and body.

Now, Begin by guiding your awareness to your heart, the source of compassion within you. Visualize your heart as a source of fragrance dissolving in the air, making it so magnetizing that it makes us forget all the worries.

As you continue to breathe, imagine this fragrance gracefully flowing into each cell of your body and mind, like the flow of life and beauty, like a natural stream of healing water.

Now, gently shift your attention to when you feel overwhelmed with emotions. Perhaps the loss of a valuable person or opportunity. Imagine this happening to a friend; how would you treat your friend with all this compassion in your heart?

Just as you would be kind to a dear friend, remind yourself that you deserve the same kindness and love for yourself.

Sometimes, we need to say things to ourselves that we expect others to say. It’s alright to feel low; remind yourself that the only way from here is up. 

Repeat this to yourself: I am worthy of love and compassion, and gift this to myself before giving it to others.

Notice how a soothing calm begins to revive your mind and body as a newborn bird takes its first flight.

With each breath, you are growing stronger as you inhale this love and strength from nature.

Remember this and keep your heart glowing with compassion for yourself and others.

May you flourish always.

With love and gratitude!