Embracing Self-Love Meditation
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Hello Dear Friend,

If you can, sit in your sacred room for meditation. Keeping a few fresh flowers will add soothe and calmness to your experience.

Let’s begin with sitting or lying down in a position that’s comfortable for you. As you settle, gently close your eyes and let your awareness flow within, detaching from the world around you.

As you continue this practice, guide your awareness to things you are proud of, good deeds you’ve for others, and even a small gesture of kindness. Notice how that made you feel.

Try to contemplate that thought and note the difference it made to the person or other living being. 

Continue inhaling and let the love from nature flow into your body, as you’re a beneficiary of nature’s undivided love.

Remember that we are one with the universe. Realization of that oneness is the ultimate state of meditation. As nature gives you love and you give to other beings, imagine yourself as the messenger of love. 

Let it flow to you, and let it flow through you.

Note how purified your mind feels and how your body complements this feeling of love with Joy.

Did you notice that little grin of Joy?

Keep it on, Dear friend, even when things in life don’t seem clear and certain.

You’re still worthy; the universe still looks at you the same way. A little part of itself, like a mother does for her baby.

Let this fragrance wrap you in it and radiate with bliss.

Let the moment last as long as it does, my friend. 

Let love be your best companion.

May you feel loved at all times!

With love and gratitude!