Journey to Meditation
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, dear meditators, on this journey to self-realization and to merging into the universal Consciousness. The experience of realizing self is wholesome. One gets to experience a sense of fulfillment and peace.

There are eightfold stages in the practice of yoga, as per Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga sutra. Each one prepares you for the next. In this practice, we will try to learn about the 6th state, Dharana, the one that comes immediately before Dhayana, Meditation.

To begin with, close your eyes gently and sit in the lotus position. Keep your hands on your laps.
Allow yourself to immerse in the formation of this moment filled with liveness, vibrance, and curiosity.

Notice the subtle vibrations arising in your body as you breathe. You are diving into your own Consciousness with each breath. There’s no idea of the outer world. The moment is about you, you, the Yoga of this mind, body, and spirit.

Gradually, as you let yourself sink into the depths of your Consciousness like the sun setting down the horizon, you’re becoming ekagra, focused on a single point.

Let this experience continue, dear meditator.

You’re experiencing a glimpse of the state of Dharana, which means attaining a single focus. You’re not meditating yet, but you’re diving into the state before meditation.

As you begin to realize the energies and prepare yourself to meditate, notice the vibrance in your body traveling to your mind. Your energy chakras aren’t yet realized, but you feel the premonition of it.


This vibrancy will be tempting, so you might want to stay here in this state. You may choose to explore these energies, but the goal is to reach the state of Yoga, which is the final union of the self into the universe.

There are many techniques and approaches to meditation, each offering its own unique path to Yoga. From mindfulness meditation to loving-kindness practices, from breath awareness to mantra repetition, each technique serves as a gateway to the deeper realms of consciousness.

As you embark on your journey of meditation, remember that there is no right or wrong way to meditate only the way that resonates most deeply with your soul. The best approach would be to partially surrender your intellect to a qualified meditation teacher. 

With each breath, with each moment of stillness, allow yourself to sink deeper into the ocean of

consciousness within you. 

Embrace the silence, the stillness, and the serenity of the present moment, knowing that within this sacred space, you are one with the universal consciousness that manifests all of creation.

May your journey be enlightening!

With love and gratitude!