Learning to rest
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, dear meditator,

Let’s begin the practice of learning to rest.

Finding a comfortable position, maybe a couch this time?

Let your body settle, releasing any tension you might be holding onto. Loosen up the shoulders, and rotate your wrist, ankle, and shoulder joints. Take a moment to unite your breath with your mind and body like a river merging into the ocean.

Continue inhaling and exhaling and release any physical stiffness until your body feels like a ball floating over the water. Once you begin to feel calmer, draw your awareness to the mind. Notice the the sensations & formations present in the mind.

Start detaching your Consciousness from your senses, including the mind, one after the other. Your senses have no power until they meet with Consciousness. 

Even if you hear, see, smell, or think something, it won’t be alive without Consciousness.

Our goal is to stop our sense Consciousness and mind Consciousness from functioning and let the stored Consciousness function. 

Gradually, you are entering the effortless zone. Your body has already begun to heal. Let your mind also slow down.

Remember, you do not have to make efforts to stop your mind and thoughts from arising. Even though there are thoughts, there’s no consciousness in them.

Your mind is also beginning to heal as soon as you cease the attempts.

Remember, this practice is not about achieving or reaching a particular state. It’s about simply being, allowing yourself to rest in the essence of your being, healing your mind and body, and collecting vital energy.

So, as we bring this practice to a close, take a moment to express gratitude for yourself for bringing rest to the mind and body.

May you be in peace wherever you are.

With love and gratitude.