Observing Smell
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome, seekers!

Let’s begin by making ourselves comfortable in a sitting position. With a deep inhale, let the breeze enter your lungs. Let go of any intense thoughts and sensations in your mind with an exhale.

-As you settle in the moment, Close your eyes gently and take a deep breath through your nose. Ahh, feel that?

– Now, as you continue to breathe naturally, notice any scents or aromas around you.
– It could be the fragrance of flowers, the aroma of coffee brewing, or even the smell of freshly cut grass.
– Take a moment to savor each scent, allow it to arouse your sensations, and evoke any memories or emotions it brings.
Notice how each inhale brings a new wave of scent and how each exhale allows you to release any tension or stress.
Notice the power of scent as it may tap into your subconscious mind. Perhaps A memory of your favorite food from childhood, the fragrance of a perfume, or something else. Did you realize your mind and body are both immersed in union and responding to this fragrance with the arising of pleasant vibrations?
– Spend a few minutes enjoying the simple pleasure of observing these scents.
– When you’re ready, take one last deep breath in and slowly exhale, feeling refreshed and grounded.
Open your eyes with a smile, and carry this newfound sense of awareness with you throughout your day.
You can practice this exercise anytime you like to relive your pleasant moments.

It’s truly mesmerizing. Isn’t it?
With love and gratitude.