Practicing Faith
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Begin by sitting in the lotus position. Try practicing at a sunrise in nature.

Practicing in the garden would be equally good. You do not have to close your eyes at this time.

Release the tension from your shoulders as you exhale.

Feel the relaxation in your spine, toes, and hands. Continue to inhale the fresh air of this misty morning.

Once you begin to feel calmer, notice the beautiful sun rays arising from the horizon as they wrap you like a mother cuddles with her baby.

Let in this gentle warmth and powerful flow of energy inside your body. Notice the glow in your mind, your body, and your spirit. You’re radiating!

Immerse yourself in this magnificent experience of love, light, and warmth.

You may now gently close your eyes. Notice the glow of Sunrays on your eyelids. 

Now, turn your attention inward. Let the thought of tomorrow shine on your present moment. 

Realizing there will be another sunrise tomorrow, there will still be love, warmth, and compassion.

As you breathe consciously, realize you’re one with the universe, just a tiny fraction of it. 

Your own Consciousness shines with the universal Consciousness.

Continue breathing in the light of the universe, and notice the connection you are beginning to feel with it.

 You are not separate, and you can not have faith. Remember that nature does not discriminate. There’s faith in little flowers that they will get the light tomorrow.

Notice the light of faith arising in you as the sun rises on the horizon as we practice.

This union of you and the universe is Meditation. Greet yourself with this beautiful gift from the universe.

Notice that the light is becoming stronger, and you are feeling the embrace of the universe. You’re not an individual.

Visualize yourself with this embrace.

Every moment from now on, breathe in the confidence and companionship.

As you continue to breathe and cultivate a sense of faith within you, envision yourself surrounded by a supportive network of love and guidance whether from loved ones, spiritual mentors, or unseen forces of the universe.

As we conclude this practice, take a moment to express gratitude for the gift of faith and the sense of peace in you. 

Carry this sense of trust and confidence with you as you navigate through life.

May you flourish with the universe.

With love and gratitude.