Practicing Forgiveness
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Welcome to practicing forgiveness.

You may choose to walk while practicing. 

Begin with a sense of calm in your body as you walk gently. Try to match the rhythm of your breaths with your steps.

As you walk, allow the thoughts of grudge to appear on the surface like a bubble on the surface of the lake. This grudge may be caused by a person who wronged you, a situation that didn’t turn out as expected, or even yourself for past mistakes.

Let every breath bring you kindness, courage, and compassion, realizing as nature has for living beings.

Hold one grudge at a time, and as you exhale, let it out with your breath, just like you don’t step into the same water again in a river.

Let this grudge go past you as you walk further. Notice the sense of light in your body. Notice the space the grudge left for compassion to fill in.

Continue breathing courage, as it is the strongest element needed for forgiveness.

Release the anger with each breath, leaving it behind you.

Inhale gratitude for yourself as you choose to let the heavy thoughts out.

Notice your steps have become lighter as if you’re walking in the air.

Continue this practice until you feel lighter.

As you practice forgiveness, remember that it’s a process—an ongoing journey rather than a one-time event. Be patient and kind with yourself as you navigate this path, knowing that healing takes time and effort.

Finally, take a moment to express gratitude for yourself and the universe. 

Carry this sense of forgiveness with you as you move forward, knowing that it’s a gift you give yourself as much as it is to others.

With love and gratitude.