What is contemplative meditation?
By- Sitender Sehrawat

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Contemplative meditation is one of the techniques used in meditation. It serves a different purpose than other techniques. 

Contemplative meditation differs from other meditation techniques due to its unique approach.

Unlike traditional practices that encourage detachment from the senses, contemplative meditation embraces the sensory experience, utilizing the mind and senses as tools for contemplation.

At its core, contemplative meditation involves focusing the mind’s attention on a specific object, thing, or idea. 

This object serves as a focal point for contemplation, guiding the practitioner on an inward or outward journey. 

Rather than seeking to disconnect from the senses, contemplative meditation encourages active engagement with them, allowing for a deeper exploration of the object.

This is a powerful and extremely practical technique that helps us make decisions with clarity and navigate through difficult situations with a bird’s eye view approach.

In essence, contemplative meditation is a practice of deep inquiry and introspection of an idea, thought, subject, or relationship with self.